About Us

Established in Jakarta 2021 with the highest passion to bring Positive values for our clients and answer their needs. In a world where everything moves fast, we must live in real time, in which we are adapt to every clients, every brief, every situation. Through our excellent ideas, creativity & innovations, we will capture attention, create emotion, make your project a remarkable event.

We offers a full range of meeting services to goverment agencies, corporations, professional
bodies, and associatios nationwide, ranging in size from below 50 to above 1000 participants.
Our professional meeting planners will assist you in venue selection, determine appropriate
budgets, manage meeting set up, plan all food and beverage functions and handle special

Prisma Convex stands united against corruption. Our implementation of the SNI ISO 37001:2016
Anti-Bribery Management System reflects our resolute stance against unethical practices. We
meticulously navigate the business landscape, ensuring that every interaction and partnership
is rooted in fairness and integrity. This system not only safeguards our operations but also
demonstrates our dedication to upholding the highest ethical standards

Exceptional events are built on a foundation of quality. Prisma Convex is proud to be certified with the SNI ISO 9001 Quality Management System. This certification echoes our
commitment to delivering top-tier service quality across every facet of event organization.
From concept inception to the final curtain call, our team’s meticulous attention to detail ensures that each event we orchestrate is a seamless, remarkable experience.